Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Piclits- Money in the air

Once there was a family that thought they needed money the most. Ken was the name of the youngest child in this family. He has two brothers and five sisters. Their family has a very small house with only two rooms. They are just like normal people that goes to church every sunday but Kens mother and father work very hard to feed their children.

Some time kens family has money, most of the time they’ll have no money. Some time they will have food, most of the time they’ll have no food.  

One day Ken’s mother and father was struggling with some money to pay off the house  bill.  The letter said if they don’t pay off their house bill off that costs 200,000 dollars, they will be forced to leave the house within five days.

The next sunday Kens whole family went to church. Their mother and father told their children to pray for forgiveness and to help with everything they are struggling with. Everyone prayed  for forgiveness and to help them with everything they are struggling with.

The next day Ken went to take the rubbish outside and realised there was money falling down from the sky, “What the heck is this”  he said. He grabed a big bag and started picking up all the money. When he was done he handed all the money to his mother and they all said a prayer to God say thank you.

Thank you to Stevie for editing my writing.

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