Monday, December 3, 2012

Telecom Christmas Tree Lighting

Last week on Saturday the 1st of December the prefects and the ambassadors also their family had an wonderful opportunity in participating in having fun at the Telecom Christmas tree lighting. The event took part in Victoria Park, Auckland.
When we arrived at the Telecom place there was a young lady named Karyn and Courtney they are from Telecom,  She gave us little bags that had delicious food inside. They helped making the event fun and exciting.
After arriving at Victoria park there was more people that I thought there will be.  
People were performing on stage and off. My favourite performance for that night was Titanium because they sounded amazing.

Then it was time for the tree to be lighten up. Santa said that the only way for the tree to be lighten up was to say HO HO HO!!! as loud as every body could. “On three everybody say HO HO HO! 1...2...3...” “HO HO HO! the blue lights went up around the tree and then went back down. Santa goes "OH come on guys yous aren't loud enough. On three again folks 1...2...3..!" "HO HO HO!." the blue and white light reaches the the of the tree. It was amazing watching the tree lighting up
From my prospective I think that spending time with the telecom staff members and having a fantastic time around the event was very cool and exciting. 
Thank you to Telecom for having us at the Telecom christmas tree lighting.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Day At Tamaki College (Transition Day)

Every Thursday all the year 8's walks down to Tamaki College to take part in participating in Tech.  We normaly we start tech at 9:00 and finish around 10:40. Our Teacher ordered us to stay at Tamaki College until 1:00 because all the year 8's had an transition day when  you go to different classes to do different subjects and activitys.
First we went music, the teacher that was there ready to teach us was Mr Telefoni. Our first activity there was to make up a rap that involves your community, your self and your school. There was five groups that organised a rap. To me all the raps was fantastic but samson and I thought our groups raps was still better.
Next we went to English with Mrs Emery and Mr Stevenson. We wrote about the missing Lion poem. I changed it around and it was called The Missing Unicorn Poem.
After that we went to science, science is one of my favourite subjects. The teacher that was there ready to teach us was Mrs Smallwood, Mr Helen and Mr Malhotra. We made Hokey Pokey and ate it with milky ways chocolate.
From my prospective I think Tamaki College is a Fantastic place to be.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Amazing Australian Water spout

During this week off the coast of Batemans Bay in Australia New South Wale  there was gigantic water spout. It was formed while rotating winds over the water and it was happening towards the sky. It didn’t make any damage but there was only bad weather around the area. The region is expecting more bad weather. Thanks to Pesi for editing my work.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Manaiakalani Film Festival

On Wednesday this week all the schools that was involved in the Manaiakalani  cluster all tribute to make a movie to be displayed in the Sylvia Park Hoyt cinemas. The event was called The Manaiakalani Film Festival.
All schools travelled there by bus and came back by bus. Little kid from year 1 to 3 were the luckiest because they got to go first. Some schools went together and others went separately.The older kids year 4,5 and 6 went after them.  Then it was our turn to go, I couldn't wait to get there.
When we arrived Pt England Intermediate, Tamaki College and Panmure Bridge had some where to sit.
To me, all the movies were fantastic! Movies from year 1's to 13 were displayed on the largest screen in the Southern Hemisphere which meant you could see different kind of films from any prospective. Before every movie there had to be a presenter to introduce the audience to the movie. 
My best movie out of all the amazing movies and films was the Tamaki College's "One direction". The reason why I liked it was because it was different from the other movies and it had comedy.

Thank you to Vanilla and Miracle for checking my work.

The squash club

I had a choice when I was a little girl: wait in the car or wait in the squash club. In the females dressing room there was a lady drying her hair “ Your dad playing today? Which court?” she asked. It smelt like apple from the hairdryer air. My dads head bands was left overnight in the wash room . It smelt like my fathers gear bag in the whole place.

Thanks to Kevin Kasipale for checking my work

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Piclits- Money in the air

Once there was a family that thought they needed money the most. Ken was the name of the youngest child in this family. He has two brothers and five sisters. Their family has a very small house with only two rooms. They are just like normal people that goes to church every sunday but Kens mother and father work very hard to feed their children.

Some time kens family has money, most of the time they’ll have no money. Some time they will have food, most of the time they’ll have no food.  

One day Ken’s mother and father was struggling with some money to pay off the house  bill.  The letter said if they don’t pay off their house bill off that costs 200,000 dollars, they will be forced to leave the house within five days.

The next sunday Kens whole family went to church. Their mother and father told their children to pray for forgiveness and to help with everything they are struggling with. Everyone prayed  for forgiveness and to help them with everything they are struggling with.

The next day Ken went to take the rubbish outside and realised there was money falling down from the sky, “What the heck is this”  he said. He grabed a big bag and started picking up all the money. When he was done he handed all the money to his mother and they all said a prayer to God say thank you.

Thank you to Stevie for editing my writing.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Stomach Churning

Sitting in his living room James felt something going in circles in his stomach.
He asked his Mum, “Mum, can we go to the doctors tomorrow? My stomach feels wrong.”
“Okay,” said Mum.

The next day James and his Mum went to their family doctors. When they arrived the old woman at the reception told James and his mother to pass on to the doctors room.  James explained to the doctor about what has been happening and how it felt around his stomach.
Doctor Miracle replied, “From the sound of it you have a stomach churning.”
“What's a stomach churning?” asked James.  
Doctor Miracle remembered. “I have a machine in my cupboard which you can see everything in your stomach. That might make it easier to understand what I mean.”

The doctor pushed the green button on the top of the machine and held a little blue ball against James’ stomach. On the side of the machine there was a screen which you see everything inside the stomach.  “Wow!” said James with excitement, “That looks like a rollercoaster in my stomach.”
Doctor Miracle replied, “In fact it’s kinda like a rollercoaster. I used this machine to show you what it looks like because I knew you wouldn’t believe me.”
“Am I gonna die? do I have to take some sort of surgery of something?” James asked feeling was frightened.
Doctor Miracle giggled and said “ I’ll give you a special treatment, Mum will make chicken soup for you and the next hour or so you’ll be fine.
“Thank you very very much” replied James.  When they  arrived back home mum made chicken soup for James. 30 minutes later James felt better than ever.