Monday, December 3, 2012

Telecom Christmas Tree Lighting

Last week on Saturday the 1st of December the prefects and the ambassadors also their family had an wonderful opportunity in participating in having fun at the Telecom Christmas tree lighting. The event took part in Victoria Park, Auckland.
When we arrived at the Telecom place there was a young lady named Karyn and Courtney they are from Telecom,  She gave us little bags that had delicious food inside. They helped making the event fun and exciting.
After arriving at Victoria park there was more people that I thought there will be.  
People were performing on stage and off. My favourite performance for that night was Titanium because they sounded amazing.

Then it was time for the tree to be lighten up. Santa said that the only way for the tree to be lighten up was to say HO HO HO!!! as loud as every body could. “On three everybody say HO HO HO! 1...2...3...” “HO HO HO! the blue lights went up around the tree and then went back down. Santa goes "OH come on guys yous aren't loud enough. On three again folks 1...2...3..!" "HO HO HO!." the blue and white light reaches the the of the tree. It was amazing watching the tree lighting up
From my prospective I think that spending time with the telecom staff members and having a fantastic time around the event was very cool and exciting. 
Thank you to Telecom for having us at the Telecom christmas tree lighting.


  1. Hey Tuitalau,

    I love reading your blog post and am glad you had a great night on Saturday at the Telecom Tree.

    I was there as well and loved watching it light up.

    Merry Christmas.

    Harriet Muir

    1. Thank you Harriet, I enjoyed every little thing there. My favorite part of the was watching Titanium perform and watching the Christmas tree light up. Thank you for having us at the event.

  2. I was so great having you all there Tuitalau :) thanks for linking in our telecom website.
    Have you gone onto the tree website and designed your own lighting pattern? Make sure you and your mates do, we email you a photo of your design when it comes on the tree.
    Lizzie @ Telecom

    1. Okay,I had an absolutely extraordinary night. Thank you for commenting on my blog and thank you for having us at the event. :)


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