Friday, November 30, 2012

Day At Tamaki College (Transition Day)

Every Thursday all the year 8's walks down to Tamaki College to take part in participating in Tech.  We normaly we start tech at 9:00 and finish around 10:40. Our Teacher ordered us to stay at Tamaki College until 1:00 because all the year 8's had an transition day when  you go to different classes to do different subjects and activitys.
First we went music, the teacher that was there ready to teach us was Mr Telefoni. Our first activity there was to make up a rap that involves your community, your self and your school. There was five groups that organised a rap. To me all the raps was fantastic but samson and I thought our groups raps was still better.
Next we went to English with Mrs Emery and Mr Stevenson. We wrote about the missing Lion poem. I changed it around and it was called The Missing Unicorn Poem.
After that we went to science, science is one of my favourite subjects. The teacher that was there ready to teach us was Mrs Smallwood, Mr Helen and Mr Malhotra. We made Hokey Pokey and ate it with milky ways chocolate.
From my prospective I think Tamaki College is a Fantastic place to be.

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  1. Hi Tui
    It was a pleasure hosting you and your peers. It was great to see how quickly your year group adapted to life as college students. Edible Science is my favourite as well. Enjoy the camp next week and stay safe.


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