Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Oh man". I said to my self. "Do i have to put on make up?
" "Yes you do" replied Miss Walters.

On the 4th of october 2011 Pt England school had an production
called Webzidazical Don't get caught.

Last Night our school had our first production. We had to put
on make up so that we stood out on the stage. I didn't want to
put on make up. But I had to. Jarna and I was in two different
groups , we are in body percussion and in the band.

When I excitedly went on stage I saw groups of mt family members
there. I wanted to talk to them but then I remembered that we all
had a korero about when we are on stage, I am in the Webzidazical

I cant wait until tonight for our next production.