Friday, September 28, 2012

Stomach Churning

Sitting in his living room James felt something going in circles in his stomach.
He asked his Mum, “Mum, can we go to the doctors tomorrow? My stomach feels wrong.”
“Okay,” said Mum.

The next day James and his Mum went to their family doctors. When they arrived the old woman at the reception told James and his mother to pass on to the doctors room.  James explained to the doctor about what has been happening and how it felt around his stomach.
Doctor Miracle replied, “From the sound of it you have a stomach churning.”
“What's a stomach churning?” asked James.  
Doctor Miracle remembered. “I have a machine in my cupboard which you can see everything in your stomach. That might make it easier to understand what I mean.”

The doctor pushed the green button on the top of the machine and held a little blue ball against James’ stomach. On the side of the machine there was a screen which you see everything inside the stomach.  “Wow!” said James with excitement, “That looks like a rollercoaster in my stomach.”
Doctor Miracle replied, “In fact it’s kinda like a rollercoaster. I used this machine to show you what it looks like because I knew you wouldn’t believe me.”
“Am I gonna die? do I have to take some sort of surgery of something?” James asked feeling was frightened.
Doctor Miracle giggled and said “ I’ll give you a special treatment, Mum will make chicken soup for you and the next hour or so you’ll be fine.
“Thank you very very much” replied James.  When they  arrived back home mum made chicken soup for James. 30 minutes later James felt better than ever.

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